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Margo specializes in color and design consulting for…

  • Creative Custom Painting
  • Fine & Rustic Interior Finishes
  • Torn Paper Applications

As a retired painting contractor with over 25 years of experience, Margo is committed to providing the best consulting services for the surface under consideration. As an artist Margo endeavors to provide her clients with the best options to make them fall in love with their homes.

Beginning informally as color consultation assistance, it has become the major component of Margo's services. Drawing on years of experience as a weaver and fine artist, Margo is able to construct the type of appearance and atmosphere that is pleasing, has principals of good composition and achieves the feeling the client desires.

Working with large 18″x 24" color swatches in varying hues and values I am able to help the client see the impact of their choices and make the right decoration decision. Please view Margo's designs by clicking on the different photo portfolios at the top of this page.

Please call Margo if you would like a consultation, lets talk about your ideas and see what we can do to achieve your goal.


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