Margo not only brings her artistic talents and expertise to the job, but she also was tidy, leaving no trace of stray paint or mess behind when she was done. She was efficient, working with a fast, sure hand.

Judie Marks, Sutter Creek

When Margo arrived for our consultation appointment, I thought I knew what colors I wanted but didn’t know what to do with transitions between rooms—the hallway, the stairwell, and so on. I hadn’t bargained on Margo’s firm convictions about the aesthetics of color and design, developed over her twenty years in the business. She quickly disabused me of my conviction that I could paint the dining room a deep orangey-red without overpowering the kitchen, the entryway, the rugs, and all the wall art. “Consider this instead,” she said, slipping an eighteen-inch by twenty-four-inch piece of cardboard painted a warm terra cotta behind a faience plate on the wall. “Isn’t that stunning? Don’t the colors in the plate jump right out at you?”

To Margo, wall color shouldn’t call attention to itself; rather, colors should enhance your furnishings, frame the landscape outside your windows, enlarge small rooms, brighten dark ones, and make large expanses cozy. Her suggestions for our house were perfect. She noted our color preferences in an instant—the warm, “southwesty”, sand-earth-sky tones that make me happy, but she also brought out some soft greens and blues that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. She pays close attention to how different colors work side by side and how they change according to the play of light upon them.

Soon I could hardly wait for her to finish the kitchen so I could see my husband’s photographs against the Crisp Linen walls in the living room; discover how the Tamarisk in the hall would be the perfect transition between the Florentine Clay of the dining room and the Wren in the TV room; and find out what our bedroom would look like in Sagebrush.

I am thrilled with the transformation of our house from the tedium of white to the rich palette of subtle colors that it has become. Sometimes I just walk from room to room marveling at the new beauty surrounding me.

I soon became so confident about Margo’s aesthetic taste that from time to time I’d say, “Margo, could you take a look at a rug in this catalog and see if it would look good on the landing?” Or, “Margo, I’m going to re-hang the pictures in the study but I didn’t like their arrangement before; can we consult?” She’d say, “No, no, put this picture on top, it’s lighter,” or even, sometimes, “That looks fine where it is.”

A final word: Margo has a restful presence and was a pleasure to have in our house. I miss her. Even our skittish cat came to know her and would emerge from the closet to engage her in animated conversations. I expect that she is also good with children and dogs. Margo works neatly, quickly, and flawlessly, and at the end of the day leaves little evidence that your house is a work in progress. Drop cloths are gathered up, brushes cleaned and replaced in her cart, the air uncluttered with residual paint smells. You’d hardly know she had been there except for the sparkling fresh paint and your sense of serenity that you found the right person for the job.

Nancy Chapman, Sutter Creek, CA

For decades I neglected updating my 70′s home because I couldn’t envision what solutions worked. But within minutes after Margo Carr walked into the living room, I knew the right help had arrived. She has a way of “seeing” that which others (or at least I) do not, and that ability has always struck me as sort of magical. After a two-hour consultation we’d selected the perfect paint colors to make the walls snap to life, I had ideas for salvaging the old kitchen cabinets, and she’d moved a handful of paintings to show them to better advantage.

In the months that followed, Margo worked with me and my budget constraints as we renovated. I did what I could myself, and Margo applied her exceptional skills as they were needed to refinish the cabinets, salvage my painting glitches, etc. I am delighted with the results, and they were achieved at a reasonable cost.

Margo is a quiet, thoughtful and has an easy presence—someone to whom you leave your home open with perfect ease. Though I’ve worked with other professionals in the past and been happy, I don’t recall missing them when the work was completed, as I did Margo. Does she advise in other tricky aesthetic matters—shoe selection, for example? I don’t know, but I admit I’ve been tempted to ask.

I would recommend “A Lady Painter” without qualification!

Martha Robbins, Volcano, CA

I met Margo through Amador County Women’s Network when she and husband Jim were new to the area. Soon she was too busy with jobs to come to our luncheons. We reconnected when I needed a good wallpaper hanger when I sold a commercial bank job in San Andreas. The president of the bank wanted to freshen up the interior of the business offices. Margo was boss and Jim was the assistant. They worked around the bank employees during business hours. I’m speaking of hundreds of rolls of wallpaper, the walls had to be prepared, and each piece had to be matched.

Then I got lazy and asked Margo and Jim to help me with my own home. Anything I threw at them, they tackled; from replacing plumbing, taking down old wallpaper, even getting replacement windows for my faulty replacement windows when we realized they had failed (they had a guarantee).

Margo’s faux finish expertise came in handy when I needed the finish on a ceiling fan changed to go with my new bedroom wallpaper. Later I was gifted with a large table which I decided should be taller. Jim added to the height, then Margo matched the finish.

The crown jewel of my house is the bathroom that Jim and Margo helped create. I wanted a beach theme with shells on display. It was Margo’s idea to use the torn paper wallpaper that looks just like sand on the seashore. In a nutshell, I tell Margo what I think I want done and she tells me if it will work, and if she isn’t sure, she will research the proper products.

Carolyn Fox, Jackson, CA



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